Center for professional training "Development" (logo)

Center for vocational training "Development"

Center for vocational training "Development" was created in 2017 with the main activity vocational and language training, organizing and conducting training for adults, seminars, consultant services in the area of education and professional qualification.

The goals of CVT "Development" are to provide high quality trainings, meeting the highest standards and thus to create competitive employees for the labor market. The Center's team consists of proven professionals in the field of education. We support lifelong learning and aim to meet the needs of learners and employers. The professional experience of our entire team has been gained in the field of qualification and training of young people and adults, which helps us to offer up-to-date and promising directions, sought by the Bulgarian business.

The activities of "Development" are in the direction of professional qualification of employees, unemployed persons and individuals seeking higher or additional professional qualification. For us the efficient use of human resources is of utmost importance for the development of the economy. The experts in the organization are making researches in Bulgaria for the professional spheres with lack of qualified employees and based on it are developing programs for vocational education, licensed by the National Agency for vocational training and education. The fields of tourism, construction and social services are most vulnerable and suffer a lack of qualified employees. The team believes that the right guidance and proper training course can ensure job to unemployed people. Our mission is to lower the indicator of unemployment through upskilling and qualification of Bulgarian citizens.

Center for Vocational Training "Development" Ltd. performs and certifies professional training in the following professions and specialties: Sales consultant, Bakery-confectioner, Worker in the food industry, Builder, Water supply and sewer networks installer, Housekeeper, Porter-Piccolo, Chef, Waiter-Bartender.

“Development” has а wide partnership network with associations, professional organizations, unions, training centers and NGO's in the field of education, vocational guidance and qualification. The members of the Center decided to create the organization and to provide quality services, based on their vast professional experience in the field of education, training, qualification and project management.

Bragmob (logo)


APLICACAPROPOSTA or Braga Mobility Open, Bragmob for short, is a SME with 14-20 employees based in Braga and is an experienced company of mobility that received a significant number of participants under Leonardo da Vinci projects (last program LLP until 2013) and recently under Erasmus Plus.

The company's mission is to create and foster educational, cultural, social, recreational and entertainment directing the benefits of multiculturalism to a growing number of people with a maximum service of excellence. Bragamob wants to develop business relationships and professional relationships with all types of businesses, schools, NGO’s, governmental institutions and organizations across Europe.

Braga mob also provides services tailored to the specific needs of executives and technical experts, especially those involved in the areas of this project. With a wide network of local offices and a team of professionals, the company has partnered with several entities in the city of Braga, operating in various professional fields, corresponding to the requests by entities participating/partners of Braga mob in the scope of Erasmus+ programs.

The team of local people is invaluable, creating and adapting special programs, always meeting the needs of both parties. Containing a vast network of internal and external contacts, it has the advantage of easy communication and efficient operation. The wide network makes it easy to organize all kinds of mobility including finding a perfect plan for the visits in Portugal. This allows participants to have the best possible experience before developing its own configuration. Braga mob also allows participants to invest in their future and to come experience life in their beautiful country, Portugal.

As a way to consolidate Braga mob's ultimate commitment with quality project management, the company has undertaken a Quality Certification process in which it passed and succeeded. As of November 2016, Braga Mobility Open is a company certified by the norm ISO 9001:2015, and continues working daily towards its goal of meeting the satisfaction of all employees, participants and partners while developing and celebrating Erasmus+ projects with great success.

Braga mob has recently developed its scope of work, which was mainly focused in KA1. Since 2014 we created a new department to work with on several KA2 projects, with the purpose to the company sustainable development by enlarging its portfolio of successful projects with local and international

01infonet (logo)


01infonet is an accreditated Lifelong Learning Center Lifelong Learning Center (LLC) based in the city of Patras/Greece been actively operating in the field of education and training based on Computer Interactive and Distance Learning methodologies since 1996 with the mission to meet lifelong learning needs by offering high quality, accessible, innovative and responsive education and training programs to learners of all ages.

The company offers a variety of high-quality and flexible educational programs for those who wish to advance their professional prospective or seek an opportunity for self-improvement given strong emphasis on real-world market needs. 01infonet is founded heavily on the expertise of leading professionals as well as on an external network of partners to ensure an unmatched learning experience. The educational organization partnerships for more than 15 years with Italian universities and offers support to students for a series of distance postgraduate programs.

Our experienced Vocational Orientation Advisors based on one of the most recognized psychometric tool for vocational counselling, the Ariston Careers Test Expert System recommend the suitable career path based on the intrinsic character of individuals by identifying personality traits, inclinations, preferences and interests.

The company offers certified professional training courses in the following areas: Personal Computer, Educational Robotics (STEAM), Foreign Languages (Italian, English, Russian and Spanish) as well as post-graduation seminars on Administration and Leadership of Educational Organizations, Education for Students with Special Educational Needs, Professional Orientation and Counselling, Education of Educators, Adult VET Education, Learning Difficulties and Inclusive Education Methodologies, Learning Management Systems (Moodle), Crisis Management in Classroom, International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT), national accreditation exams on vocational competencies recognized by National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP)

01infonet has significant experience in implementing mobility Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus+ for more than 15 years receiving students and staff from more than 15 EU countries organizing and implementing both sending and receiving of learners for a full scale of services starting form work placements and internships, seminars, workshops, and professional visits and courses for teachers and professionals.

Anatolia consult Ltd. (logo)

Anatolia consult Ltd.

Anatolia consult LtD is a company founded in 2013 with main scope of business translation services, educational services, consultation, intermediate and agency services. The main activities of the company are related to language, educational and certificate courses provided to international students who pursue their degree study in Bulgaria. The aim of the courses is to help them integrate into the new social and educational environment and support them in developing valuable soft skills (presentation skills, motivational talks, team working, negotiation skills, entrepreneurship, etc.), research skills (topics include Meta-analysis, Statistics, Data Processing, Critical thinking, Documenting and Reporting, etc.) as well as field specific professional skills needed in their future profession. Throughout the years, the company has developed a strong network of educational, governmental, non-governmental institutions and private companies in Bulgaria and abroad. Together with them have been organized various educational and professional events which strengthen the students’ career path, and help in finding supportive and networking environment needed for the successful professional development. Furthermore, the company is providing consultation and agency services for engagement in the Bulgarian labour market or establishing business in the country.