Center for professional training "Development" (logo)

Center for vocational training "Development" was created in 2017 with the main activity vocational and language training, organizing and conducting training for adults, seminars, consultant services in the area of education and professional qualification.

The goals of CVT "Development" are to provide high quality trainings, meeting the highest standards and thus to create competitive employees for the labor market. The Center's team consists of proven professionals in the field of education. We support lifelong learning and aim to meet the needs of learners and employers. The professional experience of our entire team has been gained in the field of qualification and training of young people and adults, which helps us to offer up-to-date and promising directions, sought by the Bulgarian business.

The activities of "Development" are in the direction of professional qualification of employees, unemployed persons and individuals seeking higher or additional professional qualification. For us the efficient use of human resources is of utmost importance for the development of the economy. The experts in the organization are making researches in Bulgaria for the professional spheres with lack of qualified employees and based on it are developing programs for vocational education, licensed by the National Agency for vocational training and education. The fields of tourism, construction and social services are most vulnerable and suffer a lack of qualified employees. The team believes that the right guidance and proper training course can ensure job to unemployed people. Our mission is to lower the indicator of unemployment through upskilling and qualification of Bulgarian citizens.

Center for Vocational Training "Development" Ltd. performs and certifies professional training in the following professions and specialties: Sales consultant, Bakery-confectioner, Worker in the food industry, Builder, Water supply and sewer networks installer, Housekeeper, Porter-Piccolo, Chef, Waiter-Bartender.

“Development” has а wide partnership network with associations, professional organizations, unions, training centers and NGO's in the field of education, vocational guidance and qualification. The members of the Center decided to create the organization and to provide quality services, based on their vast professional experience in the field of education, training, qualification and project management.